Character Sheet as of Season 6 Start

Real Name: Edie Maddox
Sex: Female
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5’6″

F) Incredible 40
A) Excellent 20
S) Remarkable 30
E) Incredible 40
R) Remarkable 30
I) Excellent 20
P) Good 10

Health: 130
Karma: 60
Resources: Typical 6
Pop: 0

Known Powers:

  • Range Attack- Ensnarement (Excellent 20)
  • Matter Control – Fire Control (Amazing 50)
  • Energy Control – Electrical Control (Excellent 20)


  • Medicine
  • Tumbling


None of yet.


In her mid-twenties, she was once a medical student with a bright future ahead of her. However, the immense pressure of the medical program became too much to bear, and she ultimately dropped out. To make matters worse, she lost control of her powers during a shift at the hospital where she worked, causing a devastating fire. The incident haunted her for years and left her feeling like a failure.

But as time passed, she found a new purpose. Working as a cleaner on the night shift in a massive office building owned by Blacksun Industries, she discovered something strange. Mysterious things were happening in the building, and it soon became clear that there was a darker underbelly to the corporation. And so, she decided to take action.

At night, she put on her superhero costume and became Electroblaze. Her powers of fire control and electrical manipulation gave her an edge in her fight against the injustice that she saw in the world. With each passing night, she grew stronger and more determined to make a difference.

She soon found herself battling villains and crime lords in the streets of Nightfall Bay, a city plagued by darkness and corruption. Though it was dangerous work, she felt that she was finally making a difference in the world, and that gave her a sense of purpose that she had never felt before.

As she continued to fight the good fight, she also struggled with her past mistakes. The fire she caused had left a permanent mark on her, and she was constantly haunted by the memory. But she refused to let it define her. Instead, she used her powers to make amends, to help those in need, and to fight against the very darkness that had once consumed her.

Despite the challenges she faced, she knew that she was on the right path. She had found her calling as a superhero, and she was determined to use her powers for good. With each night that passed, she continued to fight against the forces of evil, knowing that she was making a difference in the world. And though she could never erase the mistakes of her past, she found solace in the fact that she was now a hero, a beacon of hope in a world that sorely needed it.