What is Marvel FASERIP?

Welcome, here I can tell you a bit more about the game itself, What is FASERIP?

It stands for:

  • Fighting, which determines hit probability in and defense against hand-to-hand attacks.
  • Agility, which determines hit probability in and defense against ranged attacks, feats of agility vs. the environment, and similar acrobatics.
  • Strength, which determines damage inflicted by hand-to-hand attacks as well as the success of tasks such as grappling or the lifting and breaking of heavy objects.
  • Endurance, which determines resistance to physical damage (e.g., poison, disease, death) it also determined how long a character can fight and how fast a character could move at top speed by exerting themselves.
  • Reason, which determines the success of tasks relating to knowledge, puzzle-solving, and advanced technology.
  • Intuition, which determines the success of tasks relating to awareness, perception, and instinct.
  • Psyche, which determines the success of tasks relating to willpower, psionics, and magic.

It was basically a short way of referring to TSR’s Marvel Superheroes RPG that was made in the ’80s and ’90s.

Marvel Superheroes was driven by two primary game mechanics: column shifts and colored results. Both essentially influenced the difficulty of an action. A player would take percentile dice, roll them and compare on the chart based on the ability being used. So if your hero was punching, he’d look at his FIGHTING, take the rank listed, roll his dice and then look at the chart, sliding his finger down at the rank (such as Good) comparing on the left hand side of the number he rolled telling the GM what color result he got (White, Green, Yellow or Red):


Its that simple.

There is a large community around the FASERIP Game and it can be found:

  1. Classic Marvel Forever – you can download all the books from this game, for free, legally!
  2. Classic Faserip Podcast – learn more about the game itself the audio only Podcast
  3. Classic Faserip Video Podcast – The show changed hosts and went video along with audio.
  4. 4 Colors (4C) – This is a clone of the rules made by fans that you can download, rip apart and make your own superhero game and materials (minus the Marvel IP Stuff).
  5. The Marvel Unofficial Canon Project – these folks on facebook are holding the torch, and making material as if TSR never stopped, good stuff from these guys, all for free to download, you just need to have facebook to get the latest stuff