Ghostbuster Uniforms and Equipment

Standard Equipment

Selection of possible uniforms a Ghostbuster franchise can pick from.

This is normally the things a franchise will get for their start up (after paying the franchising fees). Some of the items have been modified for GBI rules, new items included beyond the normal standards out there.

Proton Pack 

  • -1 EctoPresence on successful hit to ectopresence like spirits. 
  • Once the EctoPresence reaches zero, the Proton streams will automatically attempt to ensnare the ghost by default. 
  • Two Ghostbusters are needed to ensnare a ghost before directing it towards a trap. 
  • Has a full 24 hour stand by charge to it and battery life will vary depending on use. Must be placed back on chargers in HQ or in the Car/Truck.  Considered to be used on back, using 1 and ½ hands to use.

Ghost Trap

  • Can capture up to 4 ghosts in one shot, but once its opened, and ghosts are captured, it can’t be opened again, until its emptied into a containment unit.  
  • Battery life of 12-24 hours depending on use. If a trap contains a ghost (or more), they will be instantly released if batteries die. 
  • Please note, power classification ghosts will attempt to break free within hours, so it’s best to get them into a mobile unit or the main unit. 

PKE Meter

  • Will locate ghosts, and direct he user to the general area in which the level is highest. 
  • If a manifestation is scanned, it will recommend a ghost classification to the user. 



Ecto Goggles 

  • Allows ghostbuster to track residual paranormal ectopresence.
  • While wearing it, its difficult to see things normally, movement is halved.



Ghost Sniffer 

  • Can be used in conjunction with PKE meter to obtain better information about classifications. 
  • If being used along with PKE at the same time, add +1 to both brain rolls.



Slime Blower 

  • Can be used against negatively charged slime to remove it. 
  • Can be used safely against a person or object that is possessed
  • – 2 EctoPresence on successful hit to possessed target. 
  • – 1 EctoPresence to ectoplasmic entities, driving them away for 1d6006 turns or 30 feet in any direction, whichever comes first. 


Aural Video Analyzer 

  • Will show the image of a spirit if a person is possessed and does (or does not) know.  
  • Can show a person’s current emotional state. 



Ghost Containment Unit 

  • Holds an unlimited number of ghosts (as far as you can tell) in an alternate dimension, in which they cannot escape, unless the portal is opened from the material world (Protection grid goes down.) 
  • Each Franchised unit connects to the alternate dimension, one going down could mean a hell of a lot of ghosts escaping. 


Slime Scooper 

  • Allows Ghostbuster to pick up sample for analyzing and successfully carry sample safely.
  • After scooped, it will display slime level



Ear Comms 

  • Small communication devices that fit into a Ghostbuster ear, allowing them to communicate. The device functions much like walkie-talkies, except goes in their ear of choice.  
  • Three settings, open mic, push to talk mic and off. 
  • Range is about ½ mile. 
  • Charge only lasts 4 to 6 hours depending on usage. Standby time of 48 hours. 

GoPro Camera

  • Allows Ghostbusters to record the events as they unfold.
  • Voice activated and have stabilization for clear picture quality.
  • 12MP / 30 fps Burst quality.
  • 12 hour standby time



Ecto Car/Truck

  • Whatever car the franchise wants
  • Dodge Magnum, 2013




Experimental and New Equipment

GBI is always working on new and experimental equipment and will be displayed here as the Ghostbusters obtain and research the new things in the game. Once they are fully discovered and tested, it will be proudly displayed here.