Ghostbuster: Ready to Believe!

This is an outside shot of the Ghostbuster's HQ that Darren Stallone inherited from his uncle. Located at 3331 Bernal Dr Dallas Texas

Welcome to the Ghostbusters International Roleplaying game site for Roll High or Die! The rules we use here is a mix of house rules, but we use the Advanced Ghostbuster game roleplaying rules Valuable links for research and stuff:

For those of you that are interested in the HQ Floor plans:

HQ Floor Plans


Learn more about Ghosts here:

Ghost Classifications and Terminology

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Ghostbuster Fees

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Ghostbuster Uniforms and Equipment

Meet the Crew:

Dr. Nick OleRick

Scientist & Brains - Acting President

Dr. Nick OleRick received his degree from Harvard Univeristy... Ehem.. Brooke Harvard University in Paranormal Studies. He's a nerdy, shy, social challenged intellect who is looking for someone to listen to his ramblings theories about Paranormal studies. Ghosts are real, he will prove it.. I mean the Ghostbusters exist in various places in the US, right? So they have to be real! Nick is the brains, there is nothing he can't figure out.. except making friends in social situations. Nick is a man of medium build, in his late 20s and of average height.

Brains 5 Occult 8
Muscles 3 Running 6
Moves 2 See 5
Cool 2 Play Poker 5
  • Goal: Proving Existence


Australian Guy

Terry "Butch" Dingo, a man of mystery, there isn't much about Butch, other then he likes to be called Butch, he has an Australian accent and loves to tinker with mechanic devices and parts. Need something fixed? He's your man.

Brains 3 Mechanical Repair 6
Muscles 4 Brawl 7
Moves 4 Dodge 7
Cool 1 Bargain 4
  • Goal: Soulless Science

John Biggs

The Muscle

John Biggs, what can we say about John? Well he's former Military, he's gruff, he's straight to the point, he doesn't mess around as he is a no nonsense type of guy. He believes there is ghosts out there so long as his week paycheck tells him so. John has a dog with him as emotional support, that he sometimes takes with him on runs.

Brains 2 Notice Things 5
Muscles 4 Retain Bowel Control 7
Moves 2 Fire Weapons 5
Cool 3 Intimidate 6
  • Goal: Military

Darren Stallone

Former President

Darren Stallone, legacy actor, doesn't care what he's inherited, but figured he would "Make the best of what he's got and exploit it for his career". Darren is a white male in mid '20s looking to make a name for himself, he's not too bright at times, and gets easily distracted when it comes to himself. He's quick to act on impulse and will do whatever he feels needs to be done to get the job complete. Ghosts aren't real to him, he doesn't want this business, but he had to take it to get the inheritance money, so why not milk it for all its worth, while helping your career?

Brains 1 Deduce 4
Muscles 2 Running 5
Moves 4 Fire Weapons 7
Cool 5 Charm 8
  • Goal: Fame and Exploitation

Bill Weston

Stuffy British Guy

Bill is man who seems to be easily a push over. He was a former Vacuum salesmen for Tybacker Vaccums and repairs, as he was recently fired. B-Dubbs is how he started referring to himself when he attempted to reintroduce himself to society.  He is man of average intelligence, average height and looks, where he excels is in the physique, he may not look like much, but when it comes down to it, he can bust heads. He a mild mannered guy, but don't push him, you just may not like what happens. What more can be said about him, he's mildly British?

Brains 2 Deduce 5
Muscles 5 Break Stuff 8
Moves 3 Fire Weapon: Pistols 6
Cool 2 Charm 5
  • Goal: Wealth and World Peace

Eliza Brock

Stunt Gal, Driver

Eliza Brock is a stunt woman from Hollywood, she's worked on various movies as a body double when it came to stunts, she's worked on one movie with Darren, so they kind of know each other. She's taller then the average woman, coming in around 6 foot tall, but she's considered a "Glamazon".. but don't let her looks fool you as she will easily bust your head and kick in your teeth if she needs to do so. She was hired by Darren to be the Ghostbusters driver, since she has the abilities to drive like a mad woman, and navigate with ease.


Brains 2 Physics 5
Muscles 5 Brawl 8
Moves 3 Drive Vehicle 6
Cool 2 Convince 5
  • Goal: Serving Humanity

Alexa "AJ" Jefferies


Alexa Jefferies is a white female in her late 20s, who was a former personal trainer, who just recently signed on to work the with GB, in an attempt to learn more about the supernatural. She has an interesting way to file things, and created her own method of doing things. She's often looking after the team, encouraging exercise and making sure they have everything they need to remain healthy and keeping up their strength. She is a valued asset to the team, and maybe they don't always realize this as she really coordinates a lot while they are out in the field, and if she disappeared they would be totally lost. Maybe they see her as the "hot girl who answers phones" but she's so much more.

Brains 2 Nutrition Plans 5
Muscles 3 Running 6
Moves 2 Dodge 5
Cool 3 Remain Calm When Her Coworkers Can't 6
  • Goal: Discovering her new passion, Paranormal.