Ghostbuster Fees

Fees are something every Ghostbuster franchise must take into consideration when doing the job. Sometimes before you even get in the door you’ll need to charge a fee to the business or person in need. These fees can of course be waived based on a case by case basis by the franchise President. 

On-Site Inspections: $500 Flat Fee

On-Site inspection fees would be charged if Ghostbusters go to a scene and investigate the existence of paranormal activity, and regardless of the fact if they find activity or not, this fee is charged. This fee can be waived if a ghost is found and captures.

Should a ghost be removed from the building or home, a Ghostbuster franchise will reference the breakdown below provided by the GBI HQ as a suggested price breakdown.

Prices are subjective to change based on economy and client status, these are suggested priced from GBI HQ. The accounting department of each branch may adjust the pricing upwards or downwards as needed, within reason. Running “specials” or placing coupons online or via mailer is highly suggested. 

Ghost-Master Note: Players need to PKE Scan, Ghost Sniff or scan using whatever piece of equipment to figure out what to charge, if the players fail to do a scan of the ghost at the scene, and just bust the ghost, Class I will be considered the price to use by default. 
Ghost-Master Note 2: Originally the prices for the above the chart had been drawn up in 1987, but now they are readjusted for 2018 prices.