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Here is the start of things where you can meet the characters and get an idea of where the game started before we moved it over to Savage Worlds on Youtube.

DeadWinter started as a 6 episode Zombie Survival Audio Podcast, using the Palladium rules, Dead Reign. While I enjoy the Palladium system, I kind of stayed away from the story in Dead Reign and did my own thing, created my own reason for the Zombie outbreak and started the players at day 0, which normally isnt done.

Most RPG games for an Apocalypse start out the players months into it, or sometimes years into and everything has happened already.

With this game, I started the group on day 0, and let events unfold to see how the players would react. It was a hit and they really enjoyed the story and it ran for about 15 episodes.

You can listen to them right here on our site. I do suggest listening to the first 6 at least to get an idea of the characters, and what happened to them. The ending of 6 everyone agreed was a great ending to a season and its probably the best place to listen to and then jump into the new episodes, where I took the setting, and my creations, porting them over to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

Meet the Characters (Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Style)

Episode 1 – “The outbreak is happening!”

This was the first episode and we meet the characters in their daily lives, as things start to unfold and how they figure out how to navigate in a world that just went south.

Episode 2 – “Let’s hold up and secure the building..”

In this episode we continue with day 1 of the outbreak, as the group is now held up in the medical building, searching the rooms one by one as they secure the building. Things are really starting to heat up outside the building so they decide taking cover in this building and wait things out to see if rescue comes or things calm down. Was it a good choice?

Episode 3 – “More Survivors join the group”

Episode 3, brings in two new suvivors, a police officer and a local Texan. The group runs into some internal issues and chaos happens on the 4th floor while they settle their difference in this stressful situation and while I did not plan this, these situations always come up in a zombie apocalypse.

Episode 4 – “What’s on the Roof?”

The group starting building bridges with supplies in the building as a few go to the roof and figure out what’s up there. This was an interesting episode, because the group after having their differences, decide to work together and become clever with the resources they have trying to avoid the zombies.

Episode 5 – “Things had to happen, Where are they going?”

An old face shows up and helps Blake as he heads out on his own, the rest of the group heads for Mike’s house to get supplies. So the at this point the group made an enemy of one of the workers in the building, and he apparently turned out to start to give them some trouble. Blake, one of the survivors goes out on his own due to disagreements with the group, while the rest head to Mike’s house and check on his family.

Episode 6 – “Could this be the end?”

Blake is wounded and dragged off with Tim, the group makes their way to the nears small airport and finds a helicopter, but needs to get gas into. They run into some weird zombies and fight breaks out. Here is where the game probably could have ended, and everyone loved the final moments of this episode. What happens? Listen in and find out!

The rest of the episodes can be found here:

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