Marvel’s X-Universe

Welcome to Earth 699!

We are a local face to face group, based in Dallas Texas. The campaign we are playing is villains taking over the world using the Classic Marvel Superheroes (MSH), aka "the FASERIP system".

The FASERIP system is a role playing game set in the Marvel Universe which was first published by TSR under license from Marvel Comics in 1984. Designed by Jeff Grubb, and written by Steve Winter, the game was designed to let players assume the roles of their favorite superheroes from Marvel Comics and fight crime the superhero way. The system was revised and released updates of the books over the years. You can freely download the books by heading over to Classic Marvel Forever  website. Sadly all good things have to come to an end and during the 1990's TSR had lost the license. Wizards of the Coast did not pursue the system or the license when they purchased TSR.

Here at Marvel's X-Universe we use the Revised Basic Rules, adding in Advanced Rules as needed with a bunch of house rules as our system. We keep it simple, and focus on story as the villains grow into their own.

The main story takes place on Earth 699, which combines various elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while the "What if" episodes happen on Earth 698.

Meet the characters

Team Ananimous // Patriots of \'Murica // Heroes of Tomorrow


Patriots of \'Murica rebranded to H.O.T this is there new logo: