Marvel’s X-Universe 55 – They find out a source!

In this episode of our superhero game podcast, the group embarks on a mission to uncover the source of the dangerous drug, NAC-16, which has been ravaging the city. Their investigation leads them to Uncle Chang’s Noodle House, a seemingly innocent restaurant that serves as a front for the notorious Red Dragon Clan’s criminal activities. As they delve deeper, the heroes discover that the Clan is responsible for the distribution of the drug, and they must confront the Clan’s members to put a stop to their operations. However, the Red Dragon Clan is not going down without a fight, and the heroes find themselves in a perilous situation as they face off against the Clan’s skilled members. Will they succeed in their mission and bring the Clan to justice? Tune in to find out!

This game takes place in a custom city called Nightfall Bay, which you can learn more about here:

Nightfall Bay

Characters include:

  • Edie Maddox – Electroblaze, Played by Sarah.
  • Johnny Wixx – Megahertz, Played by Geoff
  • Chet Richman – Plasma Star, Played by Corey
  • TBA, Played by Steven
  • TBA, Played by Rick
  • Judge/GameMaster, Vince “The Evil DM”

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  • Vince – @TheEvilDM
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Author: The Game Master

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