Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 57 – It is not over…

As the group was done with Shep, they thought they were in the clear. But little did they know that Shep’s loyal followers were waiting for them in town. The group quickly realized they were outnumbered and outmatched, but they didn’t back down.

The tension was high as the two groups faced off, ready to fight for what they believed in. The group knew they had to think fast and come up with a plan, but happened? Listen in and find out!

Steven playing – Seran – Elf – Palladin
Geoff playing – Lord Lee – Human – Knight
Corey playing – Nova – Human – Summoner
Jakob playing – Shep – Human – Actor
Sarah playing – Lady Astrid – Human – Undead Hunter
Vince is the Game Master

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Author: The Game Master

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