[LUG] Star Trek Reliant – Episode 1

This is it! our long awaited Star Trek series using Last Unicorn Games TOS rules book, this game is set in the movie era, in between The Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan. The crew is serving on the USS Reliant and freshly out of Star Fleet Academy. The group is dispatched on a simple mission while the ship is off to more important things as they have to help administer and supervisor a vaccination process on a planet that is part of the UFP. Of course as always its not as easy as it seems as the crew gets there and finds out it may not be what they think it is and have to figure out the problem. All they have is their equipment and smarts to figure it out as the Reliant will be out of communications range for at least a week thinking this is a routine mission of assist. Little did they know, its really not!


  • Vince Playing Lt Castle – Human/Command
  • Sarah Playing Ensign Tato – Andorian/Security
  • David Playing Ensign Jo Humey – Engineering
  • Jakob Playing Ensign Sporq – Vulcan/Science
  • Steven Playing Ensign Singer – Alpha Centaurian/Helm
  • Corey is your Game Master

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Author: The Game Master

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