House Rules

These are current house rules that we use for our game:

General Rules

  • Spend 30 Karma, you can re-roll any roll that you don’t like.
  • Spend 20 Karma before you roll to shift up one column, but you can not stack this.
  • During character creation, you are a mutant and you have three options:
    • Take what you get and roll with it.
    • Scrap what you get and start over.
    • Roll your FASERIP and leave it as is and you get one “custom” power at Incredible rank.
      • This custom power must be approved by the judge and can not be opened ended to the point it needs to be questioned during the game.

Death and Life stuff

  • If knocked out and “dying” –  You can stabilize your Endurance for 1 round by spending 50 points, but you are still unconscious.
  • If you fail an Endurance roll, you can spend 200 karma to ignore those results and roll again. You take the final results no matter if worse. If you succeed, you don’t lose the karma and stabilized but you are still unconscious.

Regaining Consciousness
A character unconscious from the result of a Stun regains consciousness in 1-10 turns, and may act normally from there on. A character with 0 Health is unconscious for 1-10 turns, then can make an Endurance FEAT Failure indicates the character is still unconscious; check again in 1-10 turns. Success indicates the character has regained consciousness, and has Health equal to his Endurance rank.

Rolling Initiative

1d10 roll per side, modified by the highest Intuition score on that side. The person rolling for the players will start to the right of the GM, unless of course the actions of combat is justified by the player who starts the actions.

Initiative Modifier // Intuition Initiative
Up to Good // +0
Excellent // +1
Remarkable //  +2
Incredible // +3
Amazing  // +4
Monstrous // +5
Unearthly & beyond  // +6

Updated 07/06/18