Marvel’s X-Universe 54 – Where is NAC-16 coming from?

In the upcoming night of investigation, the group gathers once again to follow up on leads in their search for a new base of operations. Their first stop is an abandoned warehouse that they hope to turn into their temporary headquarters. After scouring the area, they head to the docks to keep a watchful eye on a location they received a tip about. The question on everyone’s mind is who will show up? Will it be the notorious Red Dragon Clan or another group altogether? Join the group on their thrilling journey as they work to uncover the secrets hidden within the city.

This game takes place in a custom city called Nightfall Bay, which you can learn more about here:

Nightfall Bay

Characters include:

  • Edie Maddox – Electroblaze, Played by Sarah.
  • Johnny Wixx – Megahertz, Played by Geoff
  • Chet Richman – Plasma Star, Played by Corey
  • TBA, Played by Steven
  • TBA, Played by Rick
  • Judge/GameMaster, Vince “The Evil DM”

Follow the show on Twitter:

  • Vince – @TheEvilDM
  • Show Announcements – @XUniverseAP
Author: The Game Master

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