Marvel’s X-Universe 53 – Season 6 Starts here…

Season 6 of the podcast kicks off with a thrilling soft reboot, as the players don the mantles of new SuperHEROes characters. Join the group as they embark on their first night of patrol, putting their powers and skills to the test against the nefarious forces of the night.

The excitement is palpable as the group sets out on their mission, eager to prove themselves and establish their place in the world of crime-fighting. As they navigate the dark alleys and shadowy corners of the city, they come across signs of illegal activity, drawing them closer to their target.

With quick thinking and precise action, the group springs into action, using their unique abilities to take down the criminals and bring them to justice. As the dust settles and the adrenaline fades, the group reflects on their first successful mission, and what it means for their future as heroes.

But the night is not without its challenges, and the group must navigate the complexities of their new roles as they balance their heroic duties with their personal lives. From maintaining their secret identities to dealing with the aftermath of their actions, the group faces a steep learning curve as they settle into their new roles.

As the season unfolds, listeners will be captivated by the thrilling adventures and epic battles that await our new heroes. With each episode, the stakes grow higher and the challenges more intense, as the group faces off against a cast of villains and obstacles that threaten to tear them apart.

This game takes place in a custom city called Nightfall Bay, which you can learn more about here:

Nightfall Bay

Characters include:

  • Edie Maddox – Electroblaze, Played by Sarah.
  • Johnny Wixx – Megahertz, Played by Geoff
  • Chet Richman – Plasma Star, Played by Corey
  • TBA, Played by Steven
  • TBA, Played by Rick
  • Judge/GameMaster, Vince “The Evil DM”

Follow the show on Twitter:

  • Vince – @TheEvilDM
  • Show Announcements – @XUniverseAP
Author: The Game Master

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