Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 3

In this episode the group finishing cleaning up the outpost and then heads back for their reward. After returning to the guild, the group gains its reward for completing the mission has a bit of a rest, and then quickly receives a their new objective of exploring an old temple that has been rumored to be part of an old cult in the area. The group see a member depart as two new players/characters join the party as they were just matched up with the group using the latest wizardry tech-no… well who cares, they were matched up, MM’Kay?

Cast of Heroes

    • Steven playing – Seran
    • Geoff playing – Lord Lee
    • Corey playing – Nova
    • Jakob playing – Shep
    • David playing – Old Gnomey
    • Rick playing – Lord Torvald
    • Vince is the Game Master


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Author: The Game Master

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