Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 1

In this episode, we get introduced to the world, the players and their characters. After some introductions and a brief orientation of how things work the group gets their first mission from the Guild of Heroes and sets out into the open Grasslands only to be stalked by… well I guess you’ll have to listen in and find out!

Cast of Heroes

    • Steven playing – Seran
    • Geoff playing – Lord Lee
    • Corey playing – Nova
    • Lauren playing – Triss
    • Rick playing – Lord Torvald
    • Vince is the Game Master


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Author: The Game Master

4 thoughts on “Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 1

  1. Just as good YouTube channel. Wish I could find some group to play with online since I will be moving to podunk Nevada in the next few months and will be losing my regular group

  2. oh man. I am sorry to hear that. I am sure you’ll find a group. Maybe look online at first, or look at the local comic store?

  3. Is there a session zero? Maybe my phone is crap (ok it is) but this first episode starts on what seems like session 2. Where can I find the race and occ’s of the pc’s? I love PFRPG 1e, I’m so glad that there’s an actual play.

    1. This is the start of things, it slightly changed in episode 3, as we changed up the cast a bit and the game got a lot better in my opinion.

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