[LUG] Star Trek Reliant – Episode 9

In this episode the crew is beamed back to the ship, and summoned into the conference room. Was it a new mission? was it to get scolded? Was it because Doc keeps giving out too many lollipops? who knows, listen in and find out!

Video Link: youtu.be/Mi4Bp-wMDEQ


  • Vince Playing Lt Castle – Human/Command
  • Sarah Playing Ltjr Tato – Andorian/Security
  • David Playing Ltjr Jo Humey – Engineering
  • Jakob Playing Ltjr Sporq – Vulcan/Science
  • Steven Playing Ltjr Singer – Alpha Centaurian/Helm
  • Geoff Playing Ltjr Robert Doc Johnson – Human/Medical
  • Corey is your Game Master

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Author: The Game Master

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