Star Trek Reliant Actual Play Video Catch up Post

A new series we started here at RollHighorDie, was Star Trek, which you can learn more about the system and the characters on this page

Learn More about Star Trek

This post is a catch up post, for those who are looking over our feed.

Episode 1 & 2 – Audio only, but Audiogram for YouTube, rest are video

Episode 3

Continuing on from where we left off, Doc Johnson joins the crew and helps assist with the issue going on with this fungus problem. Where is coming from? Can they communicate with it? Can they solve the issue at hand? Will Humey break more things?

Episode 4

The group found a possible source for the virus as they investigate a mysterious church. What does the church hold? what’s hidden there? what secrets? Find out!

Episode 5

The group found After completing their first mission is award a commendation for their heroic efforts and given some time off. Then another mission comes up, where the group is supposed to assist a scientific team on a new planet. The group heads down and gets acquainted with the staff as Doc calls for full medical checks on everyone, annoying the staff leader.

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