Batman the Roleplaying Game – Gotham Legends Actual Play

The Group got together during the first few months of COVID lockdown and dipped our toe into the video actual play. I wanted to get this on the website into a post for folks who are looking into what we do here.

It was an interesting game, but it was a limited series that is considered over.

Premise: “..Batman is missing from Gotham, who will save the day? This group of young heroes step up to pick up the slack trying to save the city and figure out what happens to bats!”

Rules set:

Batman the Roleplaying game


Episode 1- “Bats is missing?”

Welcome to a first in a series of actual plays for this channel. The Roll High or Die Crew brings you The Gotham Legends, a DC Heroes (Batman RPG) Actual Play Podcast. Batman has gone missing in the city of Gotham and the only people left to defend Gotham from the criminals is this team good guys…


Episode 2 – “Another Lead on the the Chemicals..”

A new player joins us as they group follows another leader for the chemicals. The group started to follow up on leads as they were trying to figure out what happened to Batman!

Episode 3 – “Hostage Situation at the book store!”

The Group gets a lead there is a hostage situation a local bookstore in downtown Gotham. A famous author and scientist is being held hostage as the group figures out how to get in and save him!

Episode 4 (the final episode) – Into the subways we go..

After taking out the thugs at the bookstore and saving the author, the group follows up on a lead that takes them into old Gotham subway, where they meet up with….

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