[LUG] Star Trek Reliant – Episode 5

The group found After completing their first mission is award a commendation for their heroic efforts and given some time off. Then another mission comes up, where the group is supposed to assist a scientific team on a new planet. The group heads down and gets acquainted with the staff as Doc calls for full medical checks on everyone, annoying the staff leader.

Video Link: youtu.be/OsV0vnopC9w


  • Vince Playing Lt Castle – Human/Command
  • Sarah Playing Ensign Tato – Andorian/Security
  • David Playing Ensign Jo Humey – Engineering
  • Jakob Playing Ensign Sporq – Vulcan/Science
  • Steven Playing Ensign Singer – Alpha Centaurian/Helm
  • Geoff Playing Ensign Robert Doc Johnson – Human/Medical
  • Corey is your Game Master

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Author: The Game Master

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