Ghostbusters: Ready to Believe Episode 1 – Meet the crew!

Here is the start to a new game for the Roll High or Die crew, Ghostbusters. Listen in as Darren Stallone, yes that Stallone, exploits the Ghostbuster name to get famous and improve his career. Does he believe? Nope. Does he crew believe in him? Nope. Will they all believe in the end? Yes they will!

This game takes place in Dallas Texas.

Characters include:

  • Darren Stallone – Legacy actor, looking to make a name for himself, doesn’t believe. Goals: Fame, Exploitation
  • Bill Weston – Former vacuum salesman, looking for a good paying job, Ghosts are real. Goals: Wealth, Peace
  • Dr Nick OleRick – Scientist with a degree from Harvard, Brooke Harvard University. Goals: Prove Existence
  • Butch – Australian, who enjoys fixing things, mechanic at heart, likes to invent. Goals: Soulless Science
  • Eliza – Former stunt woman, who thought she was getting a job a goat farm. Goals: Serving Humanity

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