Month: July 2018

Marvel’s What-if X-Universe 22 – Jim Jackson is back….with a twist.

Jim Jackson is back with a twist, as the team heads back to NY and William tries fix things with a press conference…gulp. This game takes place in Dallas Texas….

Marvel’s What-if X-Universe 21 – “By Any Means Necessary” Aftermath..

Lady Leaf is heading back after seeing what William has done in front of Stark towers.. what does she do to handle this? Also, Jim Jackson is back….with a twist….

Marvel’s What-if X-Universe 20 – Clean up after the Fanatical Four Incident

Further Adventures, as Lady Leaf is suspecting more and more, these “heroes” are not the heroes they seem to be. Lady Leaf is investigating the mysterious actions of her “Friends”….

Marvel’s What-if X-Universe 19 – The Group is looking for Mister Doom

Further Adventures, as we find out more about William Stark. The group finds out they can’t get to William’s office, because only he has access to it, as the Superhero…

Marvel’s X-Universe 18 – What if.. They were the good guys?!

The group transported to a new universe, finds out they are the “good guys” and they have another person on their team. How do they handle this change? Do they…

Marvel’s X-Universe 17 – The group meets up with Dr. Doom..

The group after watching Ultraman fall, decides to meet up with Dr. Doom with their second chance. With their second chance, they join L.O.V, and start helping Doom with his…