Marvel’s X-Universe 10 – Guest Starring “Johnny Depp”

Another episode of the Marvel’s X-Universe is live and ready for your ears. In this episode the troublesome three figure out a way to escape the island, where COIL is holding them. Getting back to the mainland was easy, as they landed on the coast of California, then tried to figure out a way back to the secret lair, as they discover they are wanted men! The plan to get back is simple, jack a car and drive back as George racing back to the base to alert William. A simple car jacking turns into a bro-fest with Jim as he meets Johnny Depp, the two become best friends. Meanwhile back at the base, George realizes there is creepy things going on with William and “Destiny” the base’s AI.

This game takes place in Dallas Texas.

Characters include:

  • John – Outcast kid in high school, has no real family to care about. Super Power is Magnetic Manipulation.
  • Jim – Nerd kid in high school, who took a shining to practicing street magic. When that career did not take off, he took to stealing during his shows. Super power is Gravity Control.
  • William – Alpha nerd in high school, Genius, distant cousin to Tony Stark. Super Power is Mind Control and Weather Control
  • George – Former class mate from high school, who is a county sheriff. Super Power is Quick Speed and shapeshifting

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