Marvel’s X-Universe 01 – It all starts here!

It all starts here! The characters meeting up during their normal boring lives, get their super powers. After obtaining their powers, they try them out on their own while they figure out what to do with their found powers. Things happen, and one of them may have gotten caught, how do they get out of it?

This game takes place in Dallas Texas.

Characters include:

  • Blaine – Rich Boy, Former Captain of the Swim team. Super Power is phasing and water control.
  • John – Outcast kid in high school, has no real family to care about. Super Power is Magnetic Manipulation.
  • Jim – Nerd kid in high school, who took a shining to practicing street magic. When that career did not take off, he took to stealing during his shows. Super power is Gravity Control.
  • William – Alpha nerd in high school, Genius, distant cousin to Tony Stark. Super Power is Mind Control and Weather Control

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Author: The Game Master

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