The World of Arkonis Episode 04 – Licking their wounds, regroup time!

This week the groups after getting their asses handed to them by the “morlocks” in the sewer system, regroup and try to recover from the battle by running back to Rupert’s Magic shop, haggle with the owner for the prices. After the exchange is completed the group heads back into the inn and get a mysterious note from a “Friends” named “M” and she gives the group some information of interest about the silver robed society and about her sister being kidnapped. A ceremony is coming soon and needs to be stopped right away. While figuring out a plan, Old Humey decides to get the secret password to get into club dark.

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Author: The Game Master

6 thoughts on “The World of Arkonis Episode 04 – Licking their wounds, regroup time!

  1. I can so much of my group in your group. We called ourselves the Rogue Society. I had Cyberpunk, Hern, and the Werewolves and Vampires mixed. The games in which I enjoy the most are the ones in which players and game master are telling the story together. YOUR rogue in their party reminds me of the rogues that I have played, but I never would admit to being a rogue in any sort of way. I was just lucky…you know how we halflings are lucky at finding things. Right?

  2. As story teller, I always like to the players control to hung themselves if they wish. You know what I mean?

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