Welcome to Roll High or DIE! Podcast, where we host actual play podcasts! Yep, you guessed it... ANOTHER site that has actual plays. Well here we are trying to play games that are lesser know, and don't have much coverage. Sure we dipped our toe into D&D 5e, but that was enough... for now. Currently we are focusing on FASERIP Marvel, and planning to bring another game into the fold shortly.

DeadWinter Podcast

DeadWinter is a Zombie Survival Podcast using Dead Reign Rules by Palladium Books. This takes place during the start of the events of the outbreak located in Dallas, Texas. We have a group of Survivors trying to find their way to safety, will they survive?

Star Wars: Fall of the Order

Star Wars fall of the order, listen in as a bunch of would be Jedi are on their way to the academy, but run into a bunch of trouble, never truly getting there. Pirates, slaves and drug trades happen here as the Roll High or Die use the WEG Star Wars 1e Rules!

Ghostbusters Ready to Believe!

This is a game about a bunch of average people learning about the Supernatural, and busting ghosts! Using the WEG Ghostbuster International RPG Rules!

Marvel's X-Universe

This is a story about super villains,  you will find no superheroes here. Listen in as a bunch of average guys get mutant like powers and go insane, destroying the universe! Using the Marvel FASERIP Basic Revised Rules. 4 seasons of villainy goodness!

The World of Arkonis Episodes!

Started out as a D&D 5e game, this group went to save the world, but got into more trouble then they realized! The season two changed the rules up a bit and they used Mazes & Perils 2e

Games that are on hiatus or not active

Time of Reckoning Episodes!

This was a game using D20 Modern Rules, about a bunch of Supernatural Hunters.

One Shot Actual Plays

AD&D 1e Book of Sorrows

AD&D 1e Legend of Fin Fang Foom!