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Marvel’s What-if X-Universe 26 – A real sad Sandwich..

The Real metal adder’s memory is altered so that history has been changed.. will he find out? Will the team keep this secret? Will the Metal Adder enjoy his sad sandwich? Stay tuned for all this and more! This game takes place in Dallas Texas. Characters include: John aka “The REAL Metal Adder” // “The […]

Marvel’s X-Universe 09 – The LMD’s are revealed?!

Another episode of the Marvel’s X-Universe is live and ready for your ears. What are the results of the MRI for Jim, as William controls the facility. What happens when this MRI goes off, what does William find out? William meets Destiny, and this spirals down a weird hole in the game. This game takes […]

Marvel’s X-Universe 07 – Bill Nye the… Lawyer guy?!

The group is meeting at Starbucks, as Detective Hulahan calls William to come down to the station for further questioning about Lonestar. William calls his lawyer.. Bill Nye.. the lawyer guy…:/ William is treated like a suspect as they believe Lonestar nodded towards William before smashing out of the building. A great roleplaying session happens […]