The World of Arkonis Episode 19 – Its a whole new land!

Welcome back to another episode of the World of Arkonis, as the group continues with their quest, after the teleport spell to Ulfric’s homeland! Listen in as they stumble around the home town, and Akio finds out how well he’s received in this new land. Follow us on Twitter The Show – @PocketMimic The AP […]

Marvel’s X-Universe 07 – Bill Nye the… Lawyer guy?!

The group is meeting at Starbucks, as Detective Hulahan calls William to come down to the station for further questioning about Lonestar. William calls his lawyer.. Bill Nye.. the lawyer guy…:/ William is treated like a suspect as they believe Lonestar nodded towards William before smashing out of the building. A great roleplaying session happens […]

Marvel’s X-Universe 06 – The Villains are back!

Finally after a long hiatus the game is back on, the group is back to their old tricks.. as George greets William, who is back from his research project recapping him (and you from what we lost) as to what’s going on. Listen in as the Chaos begins! This game takes place in Dallas Texas. […]

The World of Arkonis Episode 13 – Old Humey Returns with a Side Adventure

  Uflric goes into hiding this week as Old Humey returns, and has an interesting side adventure for the group as they explore somewhere new, and cash in on some more gold! Follow us on Twitter The Show – @PocketMimic Vince – @TheEvilDM Send us an email questions(at) Leave us a Voicemail 570-865-4210 (woa): […]

Marvel’s X-Universe 05 – Who is Thomas Johnson?

The group decides to make use of George’s position as a county Sherriff (again) and start the search for Thomas Johnson and find this super villain trying to take John’s identity away from him. This game takes place in Dallas Texas. Characters include: John – Outcast kid in high school, has no real family to […]